Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Too often I forget what God has in store for me. I get scared that I will never have it better or never have enough so I hold on to the old, even past its expiration date. Today as I sit in front of the window looking at the mist settling over Mt. Everett I remember that just one short month ago I was afraid to leave my old apartment, afraid to leave the babbling brook and field where the resident porcupine waddles on his way home from work.  God really does take care of me and as I settle into my new home, a beautiful little house that is filled with light and magic, I am reminded of miracles. It is a miracle that this place is here for me as I struggle with my financial insecurity. It is a miracle that I allowed myself to receive this gift. I am surrounded by miracles everyday. It is up to me to accept them, to leap into the fear and allow God to do the rest. I am never disappointed.